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Valeo Interiors Teaches You How to Measure Your Home’s Windows

Getting the right measurements for your windows is a critical step in choosing window treatments and ensuring their fit. Follow the guidelines provided here by Valeo Interiors to guarantee you get the correct information when you measure.

Measuring Inside Mount

Measuring Inside Mount

When you measure, make no deductions for operating clearance. The factory will make all necessary deductions, and these vary by product.

1. Width: Measure the EXACT width of the window in 3 places (see diagram). Use the narrowest dimension of the three.

2. Height: Measure the EXACT height of the window in 2 places and use the shortest dimension.

3. Window Depth: Measure the amount of space from the back of the window or obstruction to the window’s outer edge.

Measuring Inside Mount - Window Depth

Measuring Inside Mount—Window Depth Requirements for Complete Flush Inside Mount

1 1/2” for 1” and 1/2” mini blinds, 3/8” honeycomb shades and pleated shades

2 1/4” for 1” wood blinds and 3/4” honeycomb shades

3” for 2” aluminum blinds and 2” wood blinds

4 3/4” for vertical blinds

Measuring Outside Mount

Measuring Outside Mount

1. Width: Measure EXACT width of the window frame. Add the recommended overlaps to the window (see recommended overlaps below).

2. Height: Measure EXACT height from the top of the window frame to the sill (height A) or the bottom of the window frame (height B). Add recommended overlaps to the height (see recommended overlaps below).

Measuring Overlaps

Measuring Overlaps

• All horizontal, honeycomb and pleated shades: add 1 1/2” to all sides (in other words, add 3” overall to the width and height measurements).

• Vertical blinds: add 4” to each side and 2” to the top and bottom.  Exception: only add 2” to the top when the blind reaches the floor or sill.

Need help? We’d be glad to measure your windows for you. Contact us to arrange an in-home consultation.

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