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Get an Elegant, Classic Look with Eco-Friendly Shutters

Explore Eco-Friendly Design Options

Valeo Interiors is proud to offer Eclipse™ Shutters by Vinylbilt®. This GREENGUARD™ certified window covering is available in either classic tilt-bar styling or Clearview®, which uses a patented series of connectors located on the back of the shutters that open the slats with the touch of a finger while keeping your view of the outside unobstructed. Other design options include:

  • Choice of 3 louver sizes: 2 1/2", 3 1/2" and 4 1/2"
  • Choice of 4 colours: cotton, pearl, vanilla and sandstone
  • 6 frame styles
  • 11 window shapes
  • Bi-Fold and By-Pass Track systems: great for doors, closets and room dividers
  • French door handle cut-outs: when you install shutters on French doors, our new handle cut-out accommodates latch-style handles beautifully

Learn more about all of these options at Eclipse Shutters.

The Advantages of Eclipse Shutters

Need more reasons to consider Eclipse Shutters? Here are 8:

1. They’re waterproof. Water can be extremely damaging in kitchens, bathrooms and other high humidity areas, causing rusting, cracking, warping and mildew. Eclipse Shutters resist all of these damaging effects.

2. They’re washable. Have creative kids? Even your little artists can’t damage Eclipse Shutters—unlike cloth or wood, crayons, ink, markers and other staining agents don’t hold to the shutters’ smooth surfaces, and soap and water can usually take care of the damage. Time for a deep clean? Eclipse Shutters are easy for one person to remove and reinstall with ease.

3. They’re energy efficient. Eclipse Shutters are designed using hollow Polyresin3® construction, which means there are pockets of air throughout the louver and frame. These pockets of air prevent the shutter from transferring energy as quickly as solid-construction materials, saving you money on heating and cooling costs.

4. They’re child safe. With no dangerous dangling cords, Eclipse Shutters are safe for children and pets.

5. They’re long lasting. Made from only pure materials, with no recycled elements in their composition, Eclipse Shutters are one of the strongest products out there, and they come backed by a 25-year warranty.

6. They’re fire retardant. Made from Polyresin3®, a material with inherent flame-retardant properties, Eclipse Shutters resist both ignition and flame spread, burn at a higher temperature than many materials, and often will cease burning if the flame source is removed.

7. They’re virtually indestructible, and dents and scratches are unlikely. If scratching does occur, use steel wool to easily buff out the mark without marring the surface.

8. They’re colour fast. Eclipse Shutters won’t fade or yellow due to ultraviolet light exposure. The colour you choose will last the lifetime of the shutter, guaranteed.

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